Netwatcher is aimed forcontrolling the network integrity ? both...

Netwatcher is aimed forcontrolling the network integrity ? both logical and physicalmonitoring the carrying capacity of different network partstracking status and response time of the widely distributed network services (SMTP, POP3, FTP etc.

)Netwatcher was initially designed as a scalable solution. Scalability is obtained due to the usage of dynamically uploaded modules (plug-ins), which gather network status information, process and display statistics as well as log the findings.

The number of such modules is subject to expansion therefore the quantity of both network protocols supported and possible variants of statistics representation grows in number, too.

Owing to this modularity it is quite simple to install a new module without reinstallation or the application restart. In contrast to similar software products Netwatcher allows to track network transport layer in real-time operation mode as well as to monitor status of network services at application protocol level.

There is no doubt that users who are interested in the accurate and up-to-date network state control will appreciate the merits of this software solution.